The Kentucky Derby

Spicy fried chicken, smokey cheese, rocket salad, tomato, pickles and BBQ sauce in a beer bun.
Served with waffle fries and hot buffalo or charcoal black aioli dipping sauce.

  • Alternative fries
  • Spicy ingredients


11 Tauhinu Rd, Miramar 04 388 8427

Gasworks is a pub located in Miramar – Wellington. Named after (you guessed) the gasworks that supplied gas in the early 20’s.Think classic rock music, generous size meals and drinks and a huge choice of 15 tap beers and ciders from wellington crafty favourites to a regular changing American top tap. A place for all the hard workers and those who need a place to relax, have fun and enjoy themselves. Gasworks is a gastropub that has been created to feel as close to your natural habitat as possible.