Burger Journey
Honey Badger Burger Wellington

Smashed Badger

The smash and dash!

Ultra smashed double brisket lace-edged patty with fried onions, house-made sauce, even more onions, American cheese and dill pickles, all in a Brezelmania potato bun.

Served with spiced tater tots and peri-peri ketchup.

  • $20.00
  • Alternative fries
  • Infused sauce
  • Spicy ingredients

About Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is one curious little critter. Soft, furry and looks adorable – but it is one bad ass badger. It will take on anything, is absolutely fearless, and just relentless. This place is the same. We’re in a part of town where bars of this nature don’t tend to tread. We’re going to do our own thing, back ourselves and have a great time doing so. You should come here and do that too.It’s not much from the outside, but is inside – so come on in and experience the Honey Badger!