Bad Badger

Take on the Bad Badger! Smoked African spiced pork belly, portobello mushroom steeped in garlic umami cream sauce with a melting honey crisp served on a bretzel mealie bread bun.

Snake venom dipping sauce and Ghana Chin Chin chips. Dip your chips in the sweet and spicy snake venom sauce or go full Badger and pour on your burger – be fearless!

  • Alternative fries
  • Cooked by smoke, barbecue or slow
  • Infused sauce
  • Spicy ingredients
  • Pick of the bunch

Honey Badger & Gorilla Burger

125 Featherston Street 04 471 1766

The Honey Badger is one curious little critter. Soft, furry and looks adorable – but it is one bad ass badger. It will take on anything, is absolutely fearless, and just relentless.

This place is the same. We’re in a part of town where bars of this nature don’t tend to tread.

We’re going to do our own thing, back ourselves and have a great time doing so.

You should come here and do that too. It’s not much from the outside, but is inside – so come on in and experience the Honey Badger!