Burger Journey



33 Queens Wharf 04 460 9410 The Churchill Burger Wellington

Yorkie Boy

Britain’s favourite dish in between two soft burger buns!

Roast beef with a Yorkshire pudding filled with gravy, beef dripping, onions, honey-roasted carrot purée, horseradish, parsley mayonnaise, and a parmesan crisp, all in a Brezelmania milk bun.

Served with triple-cooked sage and onion roast potatoes.

  • $18.00

Honey Badger

125 Featherston Street Wellington, 6011 04 471 1766 Honey Badger Burger Wellington

Smashed Badger

The smash and dash!

Ultra smashed double brisket lace-edged patty with fried onions, house-made sauce, even more onions, American cheese and dill pickles, all in a Brezelmania potato bun.

Served with spiced tater tots and peri-peri ketchup.

  • $20.00

Gorilla Burger @ Fortune Favours

7 Leeds Street 04 595 4092 Fortune Favours Burger Wellington

The Fortunate One

It’s a double meaty boy bonanza!

Buttermilk fried chicken, 18 hour slow-smoked brisket, Kāpiti cheddar, dill pickles, red onion and Fortune Favours Adventurer BBQ sauce, all in a toasted Brezelmania soft bun.

Groups of 8 or more call 04-595 4092  or email us [email protected], otherwise drop in.

For online orders head too Gorilla Burger


  • $19.00

Flamingo Joe’s

1 Waterloo Quay 04 471 1303 Flamingo Joe's Burger Wellington

Flamin’ Go

Taste the rainbow!

Seared beef patty, fiery chimichurri, sweet mānuka-candied bacon, Kāpiti Te Horo Swiss
cheese, cream cheese, avocado, pickled red onions, all in a Brezelmania potato bun.

Served with triple cooked chips and house-made tomato relish.

  • $25.00

Master Kong

33 Customhouse Quay, Wellington 04 471 1776 Master Kong Burger Wellington

Chook Norris

A burger that’ll get you kung fu fighting!

Cereal crumbed chicken thigh, Marmite and chilli jam, smoked bacon and pineapple kimchi,
all in a Brezelmania Havana coffee bun.

Served with taro crisps.


  • $25.00
  • $33.00 With Garage Project Cereal Milk Stout

Bethel Woods

75 The Terrace 04 920 8530

Dippy Mc Dipperson

This one’s a dipping doozy!

Slow-smoked brisket patty, coq au vin pastrami, Bethel’s mustard sauce, bread & butter pickles, our very own smoked barbeque sauce, all in a Brezelmania potato bun.

Served with house-rubbed kettle chips, and house-made US cheese fondue dip

  • $25.00

Gorilla Burger Miramar

19 Park Road, Miramar 04 380 6455

Umami Monster

In the search for the fifth taste of umami, we created this unfathomably tasty burger!

Marbled brisket, crispy bacon bits, beer cheese sauce, dill pickles and pink onions, all in a Brezelmania milk bun.

Head too Gorilla Burger for online orders

  • $18.00

Garden Hotel

63 Courtenay Pl, Te Aro, Wellington 04 384 6416 The Garden Hotel Burger Wellington

Hash Coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Chargrilled beef patty, Havana coffee bacon jam, free range fried egg, garden sauce, hash brown and homemade ketchup, all in a Brezelmania potato bun.

Served with parmesan truffle crinkle-cut fries.

  • $17.00


103 Oriental Parade 04 385 7124


This burger might not be the prettiest, but it’s loved by all those who taste it!

Charcoal infused salt-cured Hake fillet, Fortune Favours beer batter, dill American cheese, yuzu
tartare sauce McClure’s sweet and spicy pickles, all in a Brezelmania turmeric potato bun.

Served with hand-cut salt & vinegar kettle chips.

  • $28.00
  • $37.00 With Garage Project Pickle Beer


Midland Park, 155 Lambton Quay 04 555 0415 Dillinger's Burger Wellington


Get your extinguisher out, this one’s lit!

28 day dry-aged wagyu brisket and chuck patty, bread & butter pickles, gruyère cheese, truffle and bone marrow smoked onions and Russian dressing, all in a Brezelmania potato bun.

Served with parmesan fries and truffle aioli.

CAUTION: this burger contains traces of alcohol. Hold onto your eyebrows – we douse this bun beauty in Absinthe broth to ignite the flavours!

  • $29.00

Mac’s Brew Bar

4 Taranaki Street 04 595 4288

East Meats West

The big boy that’s built to share! …but is equally as delicious all to yourself in a single-serve!

Slow-cooked St. Louis pork rib rack, Kāpiti smoked cheddar mayo, McClure’s spicy pickles, Baxter’s spicy bourbon BBQ sauce and caramelised onions, all in a Brezelmania sesame loaf. Served with umami dusted crispy prawns with wasabi mayo.

$25 for individual serving / $100 for the full rib

  • $100.00

The Blue Lady @ Wellington Airport

Stewart Duff Drive, Rongotai, Wellington 6022 Phoenix in a Hurricane Burger Wellington

Phoenix In a Hurricane

A homage to two of our beloved Wellington sporting codes!

Blue lady fried chicken, minted slaw, turmeric-pickled fennel, Baxter’s voodoo hot sauce and Kāpiti havarti cheese, all in a black and yellow Brezelmania potato bun.

Served with kiwi onion dip fries


  • $25.00

The Borough

162/168 Main Rd, Tawa 04 232 7308 The Borough Burger Wellington


The Mesopotamians gave us the wheel!

Ground lamb kofte, red peppers, onions, shredded lettuce and Zany Zeus Greek harissa yoghurt, all in a Brezelmania milk bun.

Served with genius fries.

  • $24.00
  • $33.00 With Garage Project Cereal Milk Stout

Brew'd Boulcott

High Street, Lower Hutt 04 901 2570

Keep your feet on the ground

Burgers and bourbon, a match made in foodie heaven!

Bourbon & Havana Coffee-braised brisket patty, roast garlic aioli, BBQ Sauce, Kāpiti smoked cheddar cheese, McClure’s spicy pickles, another smashed beef patty, all in a Bretzelmania potato bun.

Served with bacon-salted fries.


  • $24.00
  • $33.00 With Garage Project Noon Juice

Khandallah Trading Co

Agra Crescent and Ganges Road, Khandallah 04 479 4157 Khandallah Trading Co Burger Wellington


Spice up your life!

Curry spiced NZ lamb patty, cucumber, red onion, basil mango mayonnaise, Zany Zeus paneer and mint salad, all in a Brezelmania turmeric potato bun.

Served with thick cut chips and curry sauce.

  • $24.00

The Gardens of Alicetown

499 Hutt Road, Alicetown 04 568 8216 The Gardens of Alicetown Burger Wellington

Poppy Jallopi

The ONE burger designed to make a mess!

Ground lamb patty stuffed with ragu, onions, garlic, fresh basil and smothered
in smoked Provolone, all in a toasted Brezelmania espresso bun.

Served with gnocchi fries and ragu shrapnell.

  • $23.00
  • $34.00 With Garage Project Garagista

Hotel Bristol

131-133 Cuba St 04 385 1147 Hotel Bristol Burger Wellington

Kashed Up

Kash me on Cuba Street, how bout dat!

Kashmiri-spiced buttermilk chicken, Zany Zeus raita, iceberg slaw, pickled red onion, and masala
sauce, all in a Brezelmania turmeric potato bun.

Served with papadum chips and mango ketchup.

  • $20.00

One Fat Bird

162 Karori Rd, Karori 04 920 0320 One Fat Bird's Burger Wellington

Chicken Lickin

The best-looking chick in Karori!

Kiwi-spiced free range fried chicken, McClure’s pickles and black garlic aioli,
all in a Brezelmania milk bun.

Served with bacon-loaded waffle fries and dipping gravy.


  • $23.00
  • $32.00 With Garage Project Pickle Beer


2 Plimmers Steps 04 472 6886 Leroy's Burger Wellington


It’s not just any old chicken burger it’s a Massattack.

Masa-coated buttermilk chicken, shredded iceberg, pepper jack cheese, coriander and jalapeño mayo,
spicy McClure’s pickles and smoked sriracha, all in a Brezelmania potato bun.

Served with blue & yellow corn chips dusted with pepperjack powder and salsa roja.

  • $22.00
  • $31.00 With Garage Project Pils 'N' Thrills

The Co-Op

69 Discovery Dr, Whitby 04 234 1580

The Adventurer

The adventure begins with the very first bite!

Chargrilled 100% NZ pork patty, Kāpiti gruyère cheese, mustard relish, Fortune Favours Adventurer sauce with watercress and granny smith apple salad, all in a Brezelmania flat white bun.

Served with skin on fries and kiwi onion dip.

  • $24.00

Rosie's Red-hot Cantina & Taco Joint

4 Queens Wharf 04 473 7244

The WallBurger

Smoked and smashed brisket burger with pepper jack cheese, dill pickles, chipotle mayo and curtido cabbage relish, all in a Brezelmania potato bun. Served with chilli con queso fries and birria dip.




  • $24.00
  • $33.00 Garage Project Garagista

The Greenman

25 Victoria Street 04 499 5440

Coffee Chuck

Chuck on a fresh pot, it’s burger time!

Wagyu beef chuck with Fortune Favours IPA-battered onion rings, pickled fennel, spiced brasied red cabbage, Kāpiti pakari smoked cheddar and mayonnaise, all in a toasted Brezelmania kūmara bun.

Served up with bacon-salted kūmara fries and Havana coffee gravy.

  • $25.00

Brew’d Island Bay

163 The Parade, Island Bay 04 383 8260

The Cray Z

A fish burger that will make you go Cray Z for more!

Tarakihi fillet, crayfish mayonnaise, McClure’s bread & butter pickles, Kāpiti cheddar cheese and crisp iceberg lettuce, all in a Brezelmania seasame bun.

Served with salt & vinegar crinkle cut fries.

  • $23.00


100 Willis Street 04 470 7805

Black Jack

Who said plant-based can’t be delicious?

Barbacoa and coffee-braised black bean patty with jackfruit, red cabbage slaw, buttermilk fried
onions, cashew lime and coriander sour cream, all in a Brezelmania potato bun.

Served with fire fries dusted in chipotle and mango salt.

  • $22.00
  • $30.00 With Garage Project Hophause Alt